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Our Capabilities

We offer a comprehensive range of environmental services with a focus on soil and groundwater assessments and hydrocarbon remediation.

Site Remediation - Environmental Services - Lyon EnvironmentalLyon Environmental provides specialist contracting services to the environmental remediation industry. Lyon Environmental’s management team has extensive experience in environmental remediation projects, having been involved in numerous significant remediation projects for major industrial, tier 1 mining companies and major Perth based petroleum companies. The team has also performed smaller scaled remediation projects for construction companies, independent service station owners, property developers and private land owners.

Our experienced team of personnel have undertaken a diverse range of remediation projects including full scale remediation / civil engineering works, contaminated soil excavation /characterisation and management, in-situ and ex-situ soil and water treatment, transport and disposal of contaminated materials, petroleum dispensing infrastructure decommissioning projects, demolition, hazardous materials removal and remediation. Our team also hosts industry experts with experience with installation and management of Total Fluids Extraction Units, Soil Vapour extraction, Air Sparging and groundwater treatment, such as the introduction of Oxygen Release Compounds (ORC) into the groundwater.

Contamination Assessment - Environmental Services - Lyon EnvironmentalLyon Environmental offers competitive and cost effective range of environmental services associated with contaminated land assessments.

We can offer a turnkey solution to our clients which includes performing initial investigations all the way through to remediation and reclassification of contaminated sites. This solution includes the design, management, and validation of aspects associated with contaminated land works.

We provide clients with detailed assessments to make informed business decisions based on environmental risks and associated liabilities identified. The information we provide allows for a Site Management Plan to be developed should a site require remediation.

Our environmental capabilities include:
• Desktop environmental investigations
• Conducting preliminary and detailed site assessments in accordance with regulatory requirements
• Formulating Remediation Action Plans (RAP)
• Remediating Sites (Soil and Groundwater)
• Excavation validation assessments
• Sampling and testing Soils, sediments and Water to relevant standards and quality controls
• Installation and sampling of monitoring bores for groundwater analysis.
• Soil vapour assessments
• Acid Sulphate investigation & management
• Development, monitoring and management of Site Management Plans (SMP)
• Liaising with all relevant government compliance officers and third party appointed auditors

All work undertaken by our team of specialists is performed in accordance with current regulatory guidance notes and guidelines.

Asbestos Remediation and Assessment - Environmental ServicesLyon Environmental offers site investigation and remediation services associated with asbestos contaminated sites along with providing monitoring services by qualified, experienced, licensed Asbestos Assessors with all analysis performed within NATA accredited laboratories. We also develop site management plans for remediation of asbestos impacted sites and services associated with monitoring compliance in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Our team are highly experienced, having worked on numerous asbestos related projects for residential, commercial and industrial establishments. Our field technicians hold the necessary qualifications to perform asbestos identification, assessment and remediation, monitoring compliance and site supervision and remain up to date with latest testing and health and safety industry standards and practices.

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Soil vapour surveys are undertaken to determine the vapour risk posed by contaminant emissions from the soil and groundwater which now form an integral part of the assessment of contaminated sites. These surveys can comprise either passive or active collection of vapours from the soil profile, we are experienced in both sampling methods, and of the use of complex sampling and monitoring equipment. Our staff have the necessary training and expertise to complete these surveys to the highest standard. Information collected from soil vapour surveys are often a critical component in performing the overall health risk assessment for a site. Lyon Environmental can offer both passive and active sampling of soil vapours for contaminated sites including landfills.

Our exposure to a wide range of clients has enabled us to perform decommissioning projects of varying challenges and complexity across a number of industry sectors all over Western Australia.

Our capabilities include;

1. Removal and disposal of underground storage tanks and dispensing facilities
2. Demolition of bulk fuel storage facilities and pipework
3. Decommissioning and removal of above ground storage tanks and ancillary equipment
4. Demolition and disposal of buildings or infrastructure containing asbestos materials

Removal of tanks - Environmental Services - Lyon EnvironmentalWith some 20 years’ experience in the petroleum industry, our team has executed countless tank removal projects across Western Australia, using a network of experienced contractors to assist with the safe removal and disposal of tanks in accordance with industry standards and best practice. Lyon Environmental offers complete “turnkey” service to its clients to project manage the safe excavation, removal and disposal of underground tanks along with ensuring that the site is backfilled and compacted to our client’s needs. Our team will provide valuable environmental support and advice to our clients during all field related activities associated with the safe removal and disposal of underground storage tanks.

In the event contamination is identified, we can provide the necessary technical support and guidance on how to best contain, manage or dispose of the onsite contamination.

Lyon Environmental can also offer HSEQ consultants who are highly qualified, highly regarded with vast experience in mining, petroleum and construction.
Our focus is on offering and supporting a range of client operations and projects through the provision of safe, reliable and cost effective HSEQ solutions

Our team can provide you with advice and recommendations on systems and frameworks to improve your organisation’s HSEQ processes no matter what your business model.

Our HSEQ services and products include, but not limited to:

• HSEQ Consultation
• HSEQ Management Systems
• Policies, Procedures & Manuals
• Hazard & Risk Management
• Auditing & Inspections
• Contractor HSE Management
• Safety Packages
• Hazardous Goods & Chemical Management
• Ergonomics / Manual Handling
• Hygiene / Noise Assessments
• Asbestos Management
• Food Safety Management
• High Risk Works

Lyon Environmental is proud to be a leading project and construction management company, focusing primarily on projects within the petroleum industry. Over the past 15 years, Lyon Environmental has been involved in a variety of projects involving Western Australia’s leading mining and petroleum based companies. With an experienced team of project managers, engineers, construction managers and site supervisors our team of professionals are highly skilled and trained in all aspects of the petroleum and mining industry.

Recent projects include:

• Decommissioning of the BP Terminal North Fremantle
• Pipeline pigging and decommissioning of fuel bunkering facilities at BP North Fremantle
• Construction management and Supervision of the BP OPT Truck Refuelling Facility Meekatharra on behalf of Fuel Fix P/L
• Construction Management and supervision of clean fuels filtration system installed at BHP facilities Port Hedland on behalf of Fuel Fix P/L
• Supervision associated with 10 yearly tank inspections and repairs at Rio Tinto sites across Western Australia on behalf of BP
• Supervision associated with the decommissioning of the Flammable Storage facility at Rio-Tinto Parker Point
• Removal and installation of underground storage tanks for numerous oil companies
• Site decommissioning and remediation for numerous oil companies and independent commercial/industrial land owners

Acid Sulphate Soil Tests - Environmental Services - Lyon Environmental

Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) are naturally occurring soils containing iron sulphides that are widespread occurring typically in low-lying coastal areas of Western Australia. When disturbed during earthworks associated with construction projects, these soils can release sulfuric acid, resulting in a negative impact to the environment.

In high risk areas, requirements for the assessment and management of ASS form part of the planning and approval process prior to disturbing the underlying soils. We can provide expertise and specialized advice when it comes to assessing, managing, monitoring or handling such soils.

Our capabilities include;

• Development of ASS site management plans and risk assessments
• Conducting site investigations, field sampling and analytical testing and reporting
• Obtain regulatory approvals
• Monitor compliance during remedial works onsite
• Provide expert advice on treatment, remediation or disposal of ASS.

Environmental Services - Lyon Environmental